Best grow lights for Potatoes

What is grow light?

A grow light is man-made artificial light that we use to grow plants at home in the absence of sunlight. In the winter season when we do not get enough sunlight, we use grow lights to grow vegetables at home.

The increasing population demands more fruits and vegetables and it is hard to grow all types of vegetables year-round. Every plant has its growing season and you can grow them in their particular season only. To overcome this problem scientists, develop lights that emit light similar to the sun.

The most widely used grow lights over the globe are LED grow lights. The reason is they emit a high-quality full spectrum of light, they are affordable. The light emitted by LED grow lights are loved by indoor growing plants. 

They also consume less electricity than other old school technologies. This saves a huge amount of money on production. So, for growing potatoes I prefer LED grow lights.

How powerful light do I need to grow potatoes?

Any 600 watts grow light is perfect for the potatoes gardening. It does not matter you are growing them in buckets or raised garden beds.

If you are new to indoor gardening then you can use the below reviewed grow for growing potatoes.

LikeSuns LED plant grow light

If you are using HPS grow lights now it is the time to change it and adapt the new latest technology. New 600-watt Likesuns led grow light covers 45×45 inches effectively and the maximum coverage is 65 x 65 inches. No doubt it emits the full spectrum of light that has wavelengths similar to Sun.

LED grow lights also produce some amount of heat energy and to manage this excess heat. Manufacturer Install aluminum skin with two cooling fans. If you are growing in GROW TENTS than you need to use duct fan for the best ventilation possible. Because grow tents do not allow the heat of light to go outside the tent.

This increases the internal temperature of the tent. High temperatures are not favorable for your growing plants. Because high heat energy can burn their leaves and even kill them.

The grow lights have 2 chips one has 3W diodes and the other has 5 W diodes. Together both chips emit 600 Watts of full-spectrum light energy.

The package includes 1 LED grow light, 1 power cord, rope, hanging hooks, manual book, 1 glass.

The glasses you get with this light are safety glasses that you have to wear every time you want to work with the running light.

The best part of this light is it is waterproof. This means you can use it in wet conditions. This light got 4.5 stars on Amazon. 97% of users are happy with the quality of light and its results.

There are many other lights that are suitable for potato gardening but those costly lights. I do not recommend new growers to use those expensive lights at the beginning. Grow lights like Philizon, Growstar, Bloomspect, MarsHydro led grow lights, etc are the best brands that you can use for years.

But for potatoes likesuns grow light is best to use.