Canadian Immigration Attorney Henry Moyal

The last few days have seen the world turn against Canada’s immigration lawyer Henry Moyal. Since the election of Donald Trump the World has been questioning his motives and his credibility. They have wondered if he is one of those people who put Canada first, and who play politics to the detriment of his country.

His team of lawyers, having spent time in Europe and North America over the last year, may have thought so, too. They and other members of the Canadian team will all be leaving their jobs this week. Moyal’s replacement, Gerald Butts, was just announced, but it doesn’t look like the job has much potential. “We’ve been in touch with friends in Canada and had some pleasant meetings,” Butts told the Toronto Star.

Moyal is no stranger to the politics of the moment, either. He was one of several law firm representatives under attack from the Trump campaign for representing immigrants. He called the attacks against him personally as well as through an attorney. Moyal’s name has been linked to several other Trump scandals such as having represented a couple charged with murdering their daughter, as well as finding it suspicious that he had spoken to a Trump representative during a time when Trump was still promoting the now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, where Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women.

For Moyal, the entire ordeal has been strange. He feels the politicians are not taking him seriously, and while some of his other clients have also been threatened, it has been only Canadian immigration lawyers who have been targeted. And he says he can’t understand why any of them would align themselves with Trump. Yet the fact that he has the support of some local elected officials, like the mayor of Toronto, has also upset some people.

Moyal, who was a special counsel to former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has been campaigning on behalf of tougher immigration laws in Canada, which protect its citizens from bogus claims, and stronger border security issues. While he didn’t anticipate the outcome of the election, he did see the arrival of Donald Trump, a businessman with no political experience, taking over a race that had been expected to go to Hillary Clinton. Of course, as a result of Trump’s rise, there is a serious focus on Canada’s immigration laws, and this could actually hurt Moyal’s clients, according to some observers.

Even though Moyal’s supporters aren’t happy with his exit, he believes that his criticism of Trump is justified and in some way justified the criticism of his professional team. He says he couldn’t understand how his international law firm, which specializes in international issues, has been attacked by his former employers. The fact that some of his former clients say they didn’t vote for Trump and are upset with his election, might seem to suggest that he is right about his criticisms.

If anything, the fact that he is publicly speaking out against “shady immigration practices” might make his departure from the firm more controversial. There was a time when a Canadian immigration attorney would stay silent about politics, and if he had said anything publicly about the election, the story might have died down. While his exit from the firm doesn’t suggest that he disapproves of politics, it does raise the question about whether he understands the perils of being a public figure.

All of this is just political theater, but it does show that Canada’s political figures sometimes value their people’s feelings over their national interests. People feel strongly about the way that their country has been treated. They want their country back.